Choosing to renovate or extend your property doesn’t just maximise your home’s potential, it’s also a shrewd way to add value to your property before you sell – and that’s exactly what we helped the owners of this Queenscliff apartment achieve. 

The couple, who are in their early 30s, purchased the apartment as an investment property in 2016 and rented it out for three years before deciding to sell in early 2019. To increase the property’s value, we recommended removing the dividing wall between the kitchen and living room, replacing the flooring, revamping the bedroom and re-tiling the balcony. 


First, we knocked out the internal wall between the kitchen and living room, which dramatically increased the sense of space and light in the small apartment. The house is close to the beach and gets a good amount of natural light, so this helped the space to feel less rundown and more coastal cool. There was an extremely dated popcorn ceiling in the living/kitchen space, so this was also removed and replaced with a modern flat finish. 


We then replaced the old kitchen carpet and other floors throughout the home with hardwood flooring in a Blackbutt timber, which has a wonderfully warm nutty hue. The kitchen was attached to the old internal wall, so this was moved and rebuilt on the opposing wall. We also gave the existing cabinetry a fresh facelift to give the kitchen a more contemporary feel. 


To ensure the rest of the apartment looked as stylish as the open-plan living/kitchen, we installed new flooring (in the same Blackbutt timber) and added a lick of white paint to the master and second bedroom, which made the rooms feel lighter and brighter. Outside, we replaced the existing terracotta balcony tiles with faux sandstone tiles, which provides the look of real stone without the maintenance. 


The renovation not only enabled the owners to sell the property within six months, it also increased the value of the home by over 21%.

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